GoPro is the biggest name in the action camera market. They’ve been at it for the longest, developed and innovated along the way while maintaining quality product delivery. With renders that Winfuture has released, we’re getting an insight into what may be coming soon.

The immediately obvious change is the front-facing colour screen, presumably as a viewfinder for Vloggers. Previous iterations of the Hero camera have simply got a monochrome screen that gives very basic information about the camera state. Some may say that GoPro is trying to enter a new market, but they’re actually making their product better for the purpose of Vlogging.

While we do have the image, we don’t yet know just what this screen is capable of but it seems smart. The reality is that in the current market, funds are low for many and upgrading hardware may not be viable. But more to the point, if you’re at a trade show or out at major events, it’s not unusual to see GoPro cameras being used for Vlogging. This outcome could be achieved by using a phone linked to your GoPro previously, but that affected battery life. The additional screen makes setup so much easier for users, also ensuring that moving shots are cleaner and better framed.

The rear of the We are almost certain to see more about the GoPro Hero 9 before it launches. The question at the moment is how accurate the image is to the final product.