As mobile technology evolves it stands to reason that how we connect, not just our devices will change. Over time we’ve seen SIM cards reduce in size to mini-SIM, micro and now we’re looking at nano-SIM cards. The next evolution of this has been around for a little while, the eSIM but it still requires a physical product. Telstra changed that with their announcement that activating an eSIM can now be done via the My Telstra app.

The process within the app is said to only take a couple of minutes. This removes the need to make a special trip to a Telstra store or wait for postage.

Currently, moving from a physical SIM card to an eSIM or moving your mobile service to an eSIM in another device is a simple process, but one that is slowed down by having to visit a store or have an eSIM activation card shipped to your address. A job that takes a matter of days or a special trip to a store, and we know we can do better.

From today, eligible customers will be able to manage their eSIM directly from their device using the My Telstra app.

There are a number of positives for users with an eSIM from the practicality of having two numbers on a non-dual-SIM phone to security as well. The security factor is excellent for users who value the security of their mobile device as a critical item in that:

  • The SIM can’t be removed from your phone
  • The SIM can be remotely deactivated quickly and easily

Telstra is again leading the way with the development of the connectivity domain within Australia. They already have the best coverage, the broadest 5G coverage and now eSIM simplicity added to the list.

What are the advantages you’d like to take up by using an eSIM for your mobile devices?

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Having a physical SIM, has its advantages. One of those is you can easily put your existing SIM into new devices. Can you do that with eSIM, or are you looking at having to set up a new eSIM on every new device?


there was a article abt esims by boost’s CEO recently, will only pickup if 3rd party telcos start email activations

Al Crystal

I tried it. It creates a profile on your phone but you still have to wait for the eSim QR code to be posted to you. Pointless.


Not true.
I’m on Telstra prepaid, Went into the MyTelstra app, found the section called “Transfer or restore eSIM” and the entire process was done over WiFi within 2 mins. Removed my physical SIM and all done. Nothing about posting an eSIM QR code out whatsoever. Fake news.


Where in the 24/7 App does it allow you to “transfer or restore eSIM”. I’ve gone over that app and can’t find the section.


You’re using a different app to Mike.
He’s on the MyTelstra app, whereas you’re using the Telstra 24/7 app.


Hey Jeni,

My error… I’m using the mytelstra app. The 24/7 was the old version which I keep calling it.

Al Crystal

This is what Telstra told me has to happen.

If you want to accuse someone of ‘fake news’ then accuse it. Otherwise, you will be hearing from my lawyer.


When using esims, will we still be able to switch Between phones freely (assuming they both support esims)?


Eligible customers? What does that mean?


This is why Telstra is up there in my opinion, boost were soo terrible in my transition from optus that I just didn’t want to give them my money so i’d rather go direct to telstra and pay more for a better service.


If it’s there, it’s damned difficult to find. Can’t see the option on either the android or ios versions.


I’m with you, I have gone right through that damn app. If you find it please let us know.

John bishop

I had to wait till my contract ended with a broken analogue phone, they had esim’s.
Then GSM phones came with Sim cards, now I chan change phone handsets easy and quickly. Now esim’s are back, we are back to the mercy of the phone company handsets and decisions.
?can I put my handset Sim into my tablet for the data usage?
Or do I need to take out another contract/account for every device?


wow, thats great news.


Wish telcos would include your phone number in the esim profile.

Yes I’m lazy and I hate having to enter my number in certain apps that ask for it 😁


Do Telstra have the best coverage? In regional and remote areas, I’m sure this is true, but in major population centres? I am with Telstra and I frequently seem to lose signal in areas around Newcastle. The usable coverage just doesn’t seem to live up to the hype.


We live in a regional town only 1.5 hours North of Melbourne. Optus kills Telstra here!

I can pull down data at about 120Mpbs on Optus. On Telstra, I was lucky to get 20-30Mpbs.

Overall coverage (speed aside) was better with Optus than Telstra as well.

I switched to Optus about 2 years ago and every 6 months or so have been buying a $10 perpaid SIM from Telstra to test it out. Nothing has changed.


I’m going to change to Optus for the Premier League football alone. Even with that added perk it’ll still be cheaper than my Telstra connection.


Forgot to add, I did a speed test on my 4G connection the other day. Download speed inside my house : 1.4 Mbps!

It jumps to 20+ Mbps about 500m away, but that doesn’t help me.