In a surprise possibly game changing move Australian streaming Pay TV operator Fetch TV has partnered with Metrological, a global cloud TV app store.

Metrological, a Comcast company, enables operators to seamlessly integrate their TV and OTT content into a single viewer experience. The cloud-based Application Platform delivers a complete product suite for monetisation, onboarding and managing the lifecycle of apps and premium OTT services on any device.

From next year, Fetch subscribers will gain access to a range of additional apps and OTT services, complementing the apps that are already available on the Fetch service. Fetch will also be utilising the Metrological Lightning Framework to provide GPU accelerated rendering of the Fetch user interface, resulting in noticeably smoother transitions and animations.

Speculation is that some of the new apps which will be available to Fetch set top boxes are NBA League Pass, NFL Game Pass and Disney+.

Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV said:

“The worlds of traditional broadcast TV and OTT services have collided, driven by consumers’ insatiable appetite for more and varied content. As a master aggregator, Fetch is focused on constantly expanding our content offering and on delivering a truly integrated user experience. The partnership with Metrological enhances our ability to do both and provides a clear path for servicing the long tail of great content now available”.

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Phill Edwards


Neerav Bhatt

An over-the-top media service is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet.

OTT bypasses traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms

An example would be if a sport setup its own streaming service rather than just relying on selling broadcast rights to a TV network


Hi Neeraj. A small suggestion for the future you may wish to define a term similar to this in the article. I too was confused about what OTT is and the article would have been better if defined. Cheers

Neerav Bhatt

Good point. Sometimes I forget everyone doesn’t know all the TLA’s (3 letter acronyms) ☺️

Jeff Dean

Well let’s hope there, Fetch’s implamentation of this, is a far side better than the last update they have done during the past month. People have had ongoing problems left right and centre.