TCL has announced its highlights for IFA 2020 including new ranges of mid-range Android tablets as well as wearables in the form of a smart watch and true wireless headphones.

Hinting at future tech that may or may not ever make it to commercially sold devices TCL showed a sideways roll-able concept device — Waterfall display technology that could be used in future wearables and glasses that you could use to watch streaming video.

The following IFA product launch information and product descriptions are supplied by TCL. Obviously because of COVID-19 we can’t be at IFA to let you know what the hands-on experience of any of these devices is like and we don’t know if all of these will make it to our shores for sale.

Since IFA is a European event prices quoted are in Euros, Ausdroid will advise Australian pricing and launch dates once we are aware of these.


The company says it’s innovative new NXTPAPER “colourful e-ink” display technology is paired with a reflective screen to repurpose natural light instead of being backlit like traditional LCD displays, making it the world’s first “zero eye strain” display that can be used for larger screen surfaces such as tablets.

Hopefully we see TCL devices launch with NXTPAPER screens in 2021. If it works as well as they claim and is sold in affordable devices, NXTPAPER could make Kindle and Kobo e-readers extinct.



TCL is introducing a pair of mid range 10 Series tablets with the TCL 10 TABMAX and the TCL 10 TABMID, aiming to increase productivity, unleash creativity and enable you to get work done from anywhere.

“TCL continues to build upon our deep experience in display technology as well as its vertically integrated consumer electronics ecosystem to develop innovative technologies like NXTPAPER to offer something more to our customers,” said Jefferson Li, General Manager of the TCL Tablet Product Line.

TCL claims the TCL 10 TABMAX offers a best-in-class viewing experience,  a whole new scale of innovative display technology with NXTVISION, revealing the most vibrant colors and rich details and includes a TCL Stylus to allow you to draw, write or doodle casually, just like a pencil on paper. With ultra-low latency, a natural hand feel and an elegant design, the TCL Stylus is the perfect companion to this tablet.

TCL 10 Tab Max will be available across select regions globally in both 4G and Wi-Fi only models beginning in Q4 for €299 and €249, respectively.

TCL says entertainment enthusiasts will love the TCL 10 TABMID’s powerful speaker system and deep sound for audio and video uses, as well as its Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor with an octa-core CPU and a high-performance GPU for online gaming.

The TCL 10 TABMID is also a great choice for kids; much like the TCL 10 TABMAX, the TABMID 4G offers a Kids Mode that presents a kid-friendly UI and parental controls. This tablet also offers both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity and will be available beginning in Q4 in certain regions across Europe and Asia Pacific for €229.

MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A

This 4G connected watch provides hands-free two way calling, automatic fall detection, heart rate monitoring and medication reminders designed to help seniors maintain their independence.

According to Pew Research, nearly 20 percent of seniors around the world live alone. While older adults may want to age in their homes and retain their independence, their loved ones may have concerns about their safety or their ability to get around and complete daily activities.

Devices like the MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A are making it cheaper and easier to let seniors stay at home while reducing the worry their family has about them falling and not being able to call for assistance.

This watch provides automatic fall detection, which notes when the wearer falls and sends an immediate alert (within 60 seconds) to assigned emergency contacts with the individuals precise location. The wearer can also dismiss the alert if necessary.

With an embedded heart rate monitor and sensor, the watch will also keep an eye on heart rate and will alert the wearer to irregular activity, such as an accelerated or slower than average heart rate.

The MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A comes in Dark Gray and Black with a 41 x 48.5 mm AMOLED touch display and optimised larger icons, watch face and graphics designed for seniors. The device is IP67 water and dust resistant. The MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A will be available in North America and Europe this fall for €199 EUR.

MOVEAUDIO S200 true wireless headphones

TCL is introducing a new pair of completely wireless headphones that claim to feature all the advanced technologies that buyers expect, but priced at under €100.

The TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 True Wireless headphones leverage ENC noise reduction technology to reduce background noise and ensure that you always experience clear calls. Four built-in microphones use beam-forming technology to filter out external noise and focus on your voice, ensuring you are easily heard and understood.

The TCL S200 True Wireless headphones provide up to 3.5 hours of battery life on a single use, or up to 23 hours of battery life when used with the charging case. The charging case comes in an ultra slim casing design that fits perfectly in your palm or your pocket, and the classic silver tip on the earbuds is minimalist, yet elegant.

The headphones come in three colour options: white, black and teal blue. The TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 True Wireless headphones will be available globally for €99 starting at the end of the month.