Many of us would dearly love to see OnePlus make an appearance in Australia. It’s something that the Ausdroid team discussed with Carl Pei at Mobile World Congress in 2019, with a very positive response. While there isn’t any official word from OnePlus as yet, there seems to be growing evidence that they’re considering it.

We’ve had a couple of tips (Thanks Al and David) that the Australian OnePlus link, that now shows the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro which, as noted, is potentially a positive sign. Unfortunately, this link appears to simply be a redirect from the main OnePlus page that also has a note that shows some customisation and that it hasn’t had any focus for some time:

Thank you for the amazing support. We’re putting sales for this region on hold until we’re sure our Aussie fans can get the best OnePlus experience. We’ll continue to provide the promised after-sales support for OnePlus 5 users in Australia.

While we have not heard form OnePlus about any Australian plans outside of the usual “we are always looking at future expansion” type answers it’s definitely something that we’ll be keeping our eyes on and hoping for more development soon. We do not expect it to change any time soon but come 2021 and post-COVID times we will return to our optimistic stance on it.

For a company like OnePlus, the Australian market could be a great supplement to their developing market share. The question is though, would the sales be worth the investment to enter the new market?

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Mario H

If they arrived in Australia when the OnePlus 6 was new they could have created a large fanbase when the prices were responsible but if the try and come with only the 8 and newer they won’t stand a chance. Being new and expensive. Wish they would come and bring any 7 or higher to give us options.


Oneplus never left… Realme and OPPO are both owned by the same Chinese company that makes/owns oneplus, called BBK Electronics

Realme is the one to get here if you want good value, NFC, VoLTE, etc


It would have been an easy decision for me this year to buy the oneplus 8 pro instead of the S20+ if it had been available here… Hopefully they enter the Australian market again soon.

Dallas Grant

Even if they come back no one will buy them, they shunned us for no logical reason and expect people to buy their trash again because they decide to maybe come back, no, stick to your mentally deficient US market.


Have had a OnePlus 6 for years. Bought from Hong Kong and been using it in Australia the entire time. Gets updates frequently (had one 2 months ago).
Not sure what they’re waiting for but if anyone wants one, there are plenty on AliExpress for fair market value.

Gilbert Griffith

I’ve also owned an Elephone 8 and recently ordered an Elephone E10 ( cancelled when I needed the OP6 quickly. But Elephone are cheap at around $110 with 48Mp camera etc. Worth a look even if you only want a camera.

Gilbert Griffith

My OnePlus 1 is still going strong after I nearly bricked it upgrading the firmware. But during the process I got a new OnePlus 6 which is a great improvement, $430 delivered from Melbourne. The fingerprint feature is very convenient, and there is heaps more memory. I also like the hidden apps feature. I don’t see the need for the 8 at the price quoted in Australia.


I think one plus would have done alright in Oz this year with one plus 8 and the pro version. But they probably do not want to eat into Oppo handset sales . Given the current alternatives in Oz I would have bought one , as it is though I won’t touch a grey import. I would have bought the find X 2 pro even without the wireless charging , but you also never seem to hear a single mention of them getting updates , and even some owners seem to think in that area they are a bit ho… Read more »


We really do need someone to threaten the Apple/Samsung duopoly. Google haven’t had an impact, Sony have left the country, LG barely exist, Huawei are crippled…


Google and Qualcomm recently invested in Nokia, but Nokia is yet to make a premium smartphone to truly rival Apple or Samsung. You can import Sony phone’s but they are priced too high and few people want to risk paying heaps for a locally unsupported phone.

Chris Boxsell

Prices have gone through the roof and they are changing the OS. If they do bring them here they will have lost their edge and I will be looking elsewhere. In the past I swore by them

Anthony Sullivan

Wouldn’t mind OnePlus phones being sold at places like JB Hifi.


they are already selling oppo phones, so this will happen soon


Oppo, Realme and Vivo are all here and are all under BBK’s wing just like OnePlus, so it’s surprising we haven’t seen OnePlus go after our market yet.

I have a feeling they think we’re too small of a market and too hard to crack since Apple and Samsung dominate here.

Kunal Gandhi

I own a oneplus and liked its near stock android interface. But with update 11 it seems they are moving away from this clean look which is sad.


While we’ve been waiting, haven’t they steadily increased in price to be pretty much just the same as all the rest?
Anyways, still keen to see them here – ASAP!