Although Google seem to be quiet on the relatively large issue surrounding YouTube Music and children under 13 that we reported on the other day they are continuing to improve it in other areas. Today they are reintroducing their playlist experience to users.

Although these aren’t exactly new, Google are reintroducing the ways users can use playlists on YouTube Music. The list of types of playlists they have been working on can be seen on the YouTube blog and include:

Assistive playlists
All you need to do is come up with the idea for the playlist and then YouTube Music will suggest relevant songs based on the playlist name, songs already in the playlist and your listening history. After you have exhausted their suggestions you just hit the refresh button and it will come up with more suggestions for you.

Collaborative playlists
Collaborative is fairly self explanatory — it gives you the ability to create and share playlists with other YouTube Music users. Those you share to can then also share, sort, add to and edit the playlist.

Profile Page playlists
Explore users’ public playlists just by tapping on the playlist creator’s username on the playlist page and you will then be able to browse their public playlists and see what else takes your fancy.

Personalised mixes
Personalised mixes are those YouTube Music creates for you based on your listening history and include the Discover mix, the New Release mix, Your Mix, and Liked Songs mix.

Programmed mood and genre playlists

In the explore tab of YouTube Music you can see thousands of programmed playlists to match your mood. These mood mixes are pulled from the entire music catalogue and include specially branded genre playlists.

Google are continuing to improve YouTube Music and as you can see by this reintroduction today, it does have some great features but there are still a few critical features missing. We hope they are working on solutions to the missing features before it becomes the only Google music offering later this year.

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I can’t wait for the update to Android 11. I have my phone running better than ever if late, perhaps partly due to greater don’t nance in the Tech world these days, regular updates and efficiency gains retrospective. The Web can be a dangerous place, a parallel Earth…and at the same perceived as more dangerous now than previously. I hope Google nails privacy and speed with Android 11.


They should probably focus on fixing current issues like inability to shuffle songs in a playlist on YTM whilst on Android Auto or YTM on Android Auto unable to play more than the first 15-20 songs from a playlist.

It appears this has been an issue for over 12 months and now that they are making everyone switch from GPM to YTM it seems the issue is becoming bigger.


Still waiting on the Shazam feature to search for songs like on Google Play music