Let’s face it, Wear OS for its entire existence has required a performance boost. Although Google have provided many updates to it they just haven’t seemed to hit the right note just yet. They are now rolling out a new update to Wear OS promising a “performance boost”.

Listed over on a Wear OS support thread, Google have announced the new update, spelling out the changes that the update brings.

The new update brings app launch and boot up times “up to 20% faster”. They’ve done this through improving “Wear OS from top to bottom”. What exactly they have done is unknown but we also how the responsiveness of the UI has also seen speed improvements. The UI has seen cosmetic changes though with changes to “the device controls making it easier to manage different watch modes and workouts”.

“Improvements” have also been made to the pairing process making it faster and more reliable — we are still waiting on the ability to pair a watch to more than one phone.

Wear OS does not have the greatest battery life and Google have made improvements here as well with an improvement in the battery life promised. Once again specifics on the updates are non-existent so we will just have to take their word for it now and hope for the best once it arrives on our watches.

The update is rolling out the Suunto 7 first followed by other manufacturers “in the coming months”.

We have long been waiting for that magic bullet for Wear OS to bring it up alongside the Apple Watch and while we seriously doubt this is it, it is a step in the right direction and shows that Google know that they need to improve the performance of their wearable OS. One day maybe, just not today.

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    The only reason apple watch is hit because of more health tracking options, IN wear OS all u have is HRS, there is not even a native sleep tracking option. no wonder Samsung is pulling it better than Google


    I grabbed one of the Misfit Vapor 2’s when they were $99 at jbhifi, its been a vast improvement over the TicWatch E i had, even though its still only a sd2100 based device. Hopefully this update makes it just a that bit more snappy.

    Phillip Malone

    I’m not sure if I am using it wrong, but apart from when the band holdings broke and it was replaced under warranty, I haven’t had an issue with my Huawei Watch 2! Its pretty old now but I wear it everyday and I hope that a Pixel Watch is in out near future!