Loud typists and mouse clickers are annoying whether you’re working from home with family members/housemates or back at the office.

Thankfully Logitech has a solution with its new MK295 Silent Wireless Combo keyboard and mouse featuring new proprietary SilentTouch technology that removes 90 percent of typing and clicking noise from the Logitech MK270.

The new combo, available in graphite and off-white, has the familiar typing and clicking feel of the world’s best-selling MK270 combo from Logitech without the disruptive sounds for you and those around you.

Along with a claimed 18-month battery life, the mouse includes on and off switches so it’s ready to work when you are and it should work up to 10 metres away from the thumb sized USB receiver.

The full size keyboard offers a spill-proof design, durable keys and sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height for an extra layer of utility and comfort. It’s claimed 36-month battery life reduces the hassle of changing batteries, so you can continue working with lag-free wireless ease.

The MK295 Silent Wireless Combo will be available from October 2020 from the Logitech website for $74.95.

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Any idea if they will produce a wired version?


Neerav, the MK270/MK270r isn’t the only Logitech keyboard and mouse combo to get a low noise version. Logitech are also releasing a quiet version of the MK235 combo, the MK315.
The MK235 combo is the K235 keyboard and M170 mouse. The MK315 combo looks like it uses the M280 mouse. Not sure what the keyboard is in the MK315 combo, though.
Logitech links –
MK235 – https://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/mk235-wireless-keyboard-mouse?crid=1759
MK315 – https://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/mk315-quiet-wireless-combo?crid=1759