After months of leaks and rumours the second generations Motorola Razr has finally been announced: say hello to the Motorola Razr 5G. Overall the new Razr looks to be a solid update on the original with a refined design, improved SOC, relocated fingerprint sensor and enhanced hinge, could this be the phone we all hoped the original would be?

The Razr 5G is still a mid-range device from a specs perspective, with an updated Snapdragon 765G SOC, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage and a still worryingly small 2800mAh battery. The screens are of course where all of the interest is with a foldable phone — inside there is a 6.2-inch 876 x 2142 folding OLED display with a 2.7-inch 792 x 600 external OLED ‘quick view’ display on the outside. Camera-wise it sports a 48MP f/1.7 main sensor with a 20MP front-facing lens.

The fingerprint sensor has now been moved off the chin and is located around the back, which would be more usable for unlocking, has made the overall design of the Razr 5G slimmer and sleeker. Motorola has expanded the colour range as well with the Razr 5G now coming in Polished Graphite, Liquid Mercury, and Blush Gold.

Motorola claims to have improved their unique hinge mechanism allowing for easier one handed operations while providing over 200,000 opens and closes. The external display is protected with Gorilla Glass 5 while the inner plastic display has an edge to edge protective cover.

The Razr 5G will ship with Android 10 and is guaranteed two OS upgrades and second monthly security updates for 2 years. Considering this is a US$1399.99 device it would have been nice to see 3 years of updates considering the first update should be arriving in the next couple of months.

The Razr 5G is an ambitious device, with a slim form factor and folding display — the question will be, is it more concept than consumer-ready again, or is the Razr 5G the device we wanted the original to be?

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any word as to how soon android 11 will deployed to this device?