Google Assistant can be intrusive at times, particularly if you’ve got your volumes turned up. Having your Assistant yell at you from two feet away can also be embarrassing in some situations. Source code from Android 11 suggests that Google Assistant may soon have an independent volume switch.

Add audio stream and usage for virtual assistant

This is intended to be used by a virtual assistant like
Google Assistant, Bixby, etc.

The audio stream has own volume alias and the volume
does not change by volume changes of other streams.

The bug shows that the intent is for Assistant to run its own audio stream. This is what happens with notifications, media and calls already so an additional slider won’t create issues for users. While the feature appears to be almost ready, it is not part of the Android 11 release yet so stay tuned.

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Colin Jones

Please please please, when are we going to get this for Google Home speakers??!! They’ve been promising for well over a year, still no sign of it coming.