Android (Go edition) was first introduced in 2018 and was designed to be used on entry level devices but provide a high quality smartphone experience. Now it has been updated to Android 11 bringing with it some new features.

On Android 11 (Go edition) apps will launch 20% faster than they did on the previous edition promising faster app switching without overwhelming the entry level hardware on those devices.

Android 11 (Go edition) also brings with it some of the new features that arrives on the full Android 11, including a dedicated messaging section in the notification section. This will help those who use multiple messaging apps to keep track of all of their messages.

Google have also updated the privacy protections of Android 11 (Go edition) to allow users to better control how and when data on your device is shared. One time permissions for sensors such as the microphone, camera or location are also coming to Android 11 (Go edition). After a certain amount of unused time an app’s permissions will reset and notify the user as such — next time you use the app you will need to grant the permissions again.

Gesture-based navigation is also making its way to Android 11 (Go edition) to allow users to better control devices with larger displays.

Google have also added a Safe Folder to their Files by Google app that protects personal files from being accessed by others with the use of a four digit PIN-encrypted folder.

Android (Go edition) has always been designed for devices with 1GB or less of RAM but with devices starting to come with more features including dual cameras and fingerprint scanners Google have expanded that with Android 11 (Go edition). Next month Android 11 (Go edition) will support devices with up to 2GB of RAM allowing that 20% faster app launching. This will allow an additional 270MB of free memory allowing three to four extra apps to run in the background.

The new update should be rolling out to supported devices in the coming days, weeks and months — just as the full edition does. This will help Android 11 (Go edition) keep up with the ever-increasing specs of even entry-level devices.

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I have a spare Nokia 2.1 (Android Go) so I checked to see if Android 11 is available only to discover that there is a notification for Android 10 download. I thought it was already on Android 10 so that’s a bit of a let down.