Reports are circling that Google’s latest update to Android, version 11, has not been playing well with Android Auto. There have been reports of the calendar going missing, the weather information missing and a lack of notification sounds.

Along with these issues new bugs have come to the fore overnight including music cutting in and out, connectivity issues, Wyze not working and calls not being routed through the stereo (something I’ve experienced on Android 10). A couple of users have also had Android Auto “soft brick” their connected phone forcing the owner to have to factory reset their phone for it to be functional again.

At this stage Google has introduced a new Android Auto update that fixes the missing Calendar app issue but the other bugs have not received any form of acknowledgement from Google. Some users on Reddit are suggesting that turning off Bluetooth scanning on your phone may alleviate the Bluetooth issues but the other bugs remain.

Here at Ausdroid we tested out our Android 11 devices with Android Auto over the weekend after seeing these reports and were not able to replicate any of them so they appear to be intermittent and not all that widespread just yet. For those that are having issues though we will be keeping a close eye on Google and their support pages and when there is a solution we will let you know.

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John Phillips

Also Waze no longer loads in the head unit, or the location remains stuck in the starting position of the trip. Only way to overcome this is to actually open Waze on the Android ‘phone with Android 11, before plugging it into the USB port & before starting the car.


I’ve stopped using android auto for sometime now. Doesn’t look like I’ll be going back anytime soon after these reporter bugs…


Noticed audio stopped working once over the weekend. Had to restart my phone to get it working again.