Google have improved Google Meet with many new features this year. After so many software updates Google has now unveiled hardware dedicated to Google Meet.

The new hardware called Series One comes in three different sizes with kits designed for small rooms, medium rooms and large rooms. Each kit comes with a minimum of a smart camera, a smart audio bar and a Meet compute system. The medium and large room kits add in a Mic Pod for expandability and a touch controller.

So how is this hardware different to all the other meeting hardware available? Google have of course included AI onboard with Google Edge TPUs in the smart audio bar and the Meet compute system. Along with that there is also TrueVoice voice isolation with multi-channel noise cancellation, POE, the cameras support 4K recording with automatic zoom and framing of meeting participants and Chrome OS for easy setup.

The kits have been designed to blend into any room and are available in Charcoal and Chalk and feature Google’s easily recognisable fabric and industrial design. The kits have been manufactured by Lenovo with interested parties needing to contact them for purchasing details.

These kits will soon be ready for pre-order in the US, Canada, Finland, France, Norway, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium.

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How do these compare with JamBoards?
I’ve found JamBoards the best for audio quality.

I’m guessing the pricing is expensive.