Video Doorbells are becoming more and more popular, between away from home notifications, package delivery monitoring and front door security video doorbells offer a useful range of user functionality. One thing that’s less user friendly is the installation process, are they hard-wired, battery operated or POE?

Arlo’s first entrant into the video doorbell space was the Arlo Video Doorbell, a hard wired system that required wiring into an existing AC powered door bell system or the use of a separate (and not inexpensive) Arlo HUB and power outlet chime. Today the security focused company has released their second generation device, and it’s completely wire-free.

The Arlo Video Doorbell Wire-Free is a WiFi video doorbell that has the option to be either hard-wired or use an internal rechargeable battery. This makes installation much easier for people who do don’t have an existing door bell system and also opens up the functionality to entry gates and other non standard locations.

The Doorbell offers the same functionality as the original model including 180 degree viewing angles, HD HDR video, remote monitoring, movement detection, online recording, night vision, built-in siren and Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa integration. With the app installed you can get remote notifications as well as two way conversation with your doorbell.

To solve the issue of having an actual doorbell chime without having to buy a separate wireless hub Arlo has upgraded their wireless Arlo Chime that plugs in to a power point to be WiFi compatible. This means you will be able to get in home chimes using just the single device. We have reached out to ask if the new chime will be backwards compatible with Arlo’s existing doorbells.

The Arlo Wireless Doorbell is available now for pre-order in the USA for US$199 which would see it retail here for around $300. The WiFi Arlo Chime will be released Q1 2021.

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If this doorbell camera is anything like their existing Arlo Pro wireless or even Arlo Q wired cameras then I’d give it a miss, because by the time you see a live stream on your phone/computer/smart display whoever was at the door would have left. My Arlo Pro and Q cameras takes 20~30 seconds at least to get a live video feed from the time I open the app.