With Google confirming the September 30 Made by Google event, and previously confirming that they were releasing a new Nest smart speaker there wasn’t a lot left to know about the device. Now we know just a little more thanks to a tear down of the Google Home app potentially revealing the device’s final branding, Nest Audio.

We don’t hate the name, but we certainly don’t love it. With Google moving more and more products over to the Google brand, eg Android Pay to Google Pay, Android TV rumoured to be shifting to Google TV we have always thought it was strange that Google would move their smart devices away from the Google brand to the Nest brand. It’s not like Nest has an overly high reputation that would make the brand confusion worthwhile.

Regardless it seems the Nest Audio will be the name of Google’s next larger Assistant powered Smart Speaker, and regardless of the name were still excited to a refresh, especially one that is rumoured to include better speakers. With just under 2 weeks until the event we wonder if Google has a surprise in store or do we know everything that is being revealed?

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I don’t think it really matters that much what Google calls its devices. The first thing I do, in any case, is rename them to something more useful to me reflecting their function, like eg “Music Pair Left”, “Bathroom Mini” etc.