If you haven’t yet seen one, it’s likely you’ll soon see a birthday reminder through Google Assistant. The feature has only popped up recently with vague mentions of it on social media. It’s a simple push notification to your device that tells you of an upcoming birthday for your Google contacts.

So far there haven’t been enough come through for us to confirm the triggers but based on available info the reminders are:

  • Based on your Google contacts
  • The birthday they have in their Google Account
  • 7 days prior to the actual date of their birthday to give you time to shop

In the current climate, a little reminder to contact friends and family for birthdays could be just what is needed to lift spirits.

What further features would you like to see Assistant deliver?

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    You need deep integration of artificial intelligence to execute several commands together. And to understand more general things and tasks. Now things are a bit cumbersome 🤓 for languages ​​other than English … 😉.

    Phill Edwards

    Nice idea… But seems to be sailing a bit close to the wind from a privacy perspective. Surely when we set out birthday it was for authentication purposes, not so Google could go telling everyone when it is?
    Yes, I know it probably doesn’t give anyone’s age away, but still, it seems that they’re using personal information for a different purpose than what it was collected for.


    … and do I need to be informed of my landlord’s birthday from two-apartments-ago just because I still have her name in my contacts? It’s currently on my Google calendar, she was a nice enough lady, but nobody I’d feel close enough to honor her birthday without her thinking I’m stalking her!

    Neerav Bhatt

    Phill you make an excellent point

    You can hide your birthday via an option at https://myaccount.google.com/birthday

    In my opinion it should be hidden by default otherwise anyone can see it and use it for identity theft