Samsung keeps steadily stepping up its game in terms of security updates. In times gone by, it would likely only be their flagship devices that got updates. Then the mid-range started seeing updates which, over time, has become significantly more timely.

This increased and reliability of timely updates further adds to the attractiveness of sticking with Samsung as a manufacturer. Today users of the Samsung A21s are reaping the rewards of sticking with a big name brand, receiving the September 1st 2020 security patch.

There’s a lot to the September update including a fix for a notable crticial vulnerability that could — under the right circumstances — enable a remote attacker using a specially crafted file to execute code. It’s great to see Samsung continuing their commitment to buyers of not just high cost, but high volume sale phones.

Thanks for the tip Andrew.

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Gee, I’m still at July security patches on my S10, what’s with that!?


Do you have auto update turned on ?
Both my S8+ and note 9 have august updates done .
It probably pays to just do a check every now and again anyway .


Yes Auto is on and I check manually quite often


I’ve got auto on, and check frequently around the middle of the month, and didn’t get August either, but just after reading your post I checked again, and got the September update.