Razer has established its name as a manufacturer that delivers quality hardware and the right look, but at a cost. They’re continually looking for new ways to deliver on areas of consumer wants. A couple of recent changes to their consumer range shows that they’re adapting to new markets.

Colour options: Quartz and Mercury

One area that has become exceedingly popular in the tech world over the last 18 months or so, is having unusual colours. Razer has expanded their range of Mercury and Quartz devices further this year now offering a comprehensive range including accessories, peripherals and connectivity (Mercury only) to users.

Blackshark V2 headset

The online exclusive headset offers a broad frequency response (12 Hz – 28 KHz) and strong sound delivery. Razer doesn’t do anything by halves, so having customised drivers and well padded, large ear cups for long-play comfort isn’t a surprise. The one-touch controls across both earpieces are simple with volume and microphone controls available.

The microphone is a 100Hz – 10KHz response, unidirectional option that also handles some pretty solid noise cancellation. What may be a surprise to some is the 3.5mm connection on the cable connected to your PC, but there’s also a USB converter in the box. The Blackshark V2 isn’t a heavy headset by any stretch either, weighing in at only 262 grams

For users looking to upgrade or just up their game, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for new gear. While it does come at a cost, the quality of Razer hardware means it’s not just a purchase but an investment for some time.