Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a weird year that for the most part hasn’t included too many highlights for most of us. But it’s also a future history lesson that we’re living through, so in that regard, it’s worth remembering in some form. Andrew Bell from Dead Zebra has given us that opportunity with a figurine focussing on some of the changes rather than the negatives.

Say hello to the Work from Home Android, giving us a somewhat humorous take on the pandemic with so many users working from home. Coming equipped with a Chromebook, coffee mug and coffee stained shirt (who hasn’t been less than well presented during work from home days?) it’s a nice way to remember 2020. Think about the reduced travel time, extra time at home with your family and of course… pants off Fridays.

The new figurine will become available at 1am 24th of September AEST from the Dead Zebra shop. I’ll be grabbing one, will you?