The user interface on the Nest Hub Max is not great with Google focusing on voice and radar controlling of it instead. It appears though that Google are looking to change the user interface bringing in more ways to control the device.

A video was posted to a Facebook group that shows off the new UI for the Nest Hub Max. The new software version shows new functionality when tapping on the “Photo Frame”. Tapping on it will cause new panels to appear along the top bar of the display. These panels display various items including weather, lighting, media and one called “Discover”.

One issue I have with the Nest Hub Max is the inability to easily navigate its functionality with touch. This new user interface looks to change all that but given the difference in software version number from this new UI to that currently running on our devices we should not expect it to arrive any time soon.

How will this change how you interact with your Nest Hub Max? Do you long for touch interaction as well?