It’s official, Google is no longer Daydreaming, according to an update to their support page Google has officially discontinued support for Daydream. Six years after the original Google Cardboard and four years after Daydream launched Google no longer has an officially supported AVR platform.

Daydream VR software is no longer supported. You may still be able to access the service, but it won’t receive any more software or security updates.

We can’t say this is a surprising move, with Google having not released new VR hardware, VR apps or even mentioned that platform in several years. That’s not to say all of their experience will g to waste.

With AR Core Google is still developing for the AR space, and many of the technologies developed and lessons learnt from the underpinning of these efforts. With VR still looking for its real-world use case outside of gaming, it’s understandable Google has paused their efforts.

The holy grail in this space has always been real-time AR for the real world, where you can overlay information on top of what you are seeing. While many envisage AR glasses being the delivery method for this, transparent screens or devices are also a possibility.

Regardless of the future, Google’s daydream is now firmly in the past.