We have to hand it to Google, they are constantly bringing online more and more Jacquard products. It all started with the Levi Jacket, then a Sant Laurent Backpack, more recently there were the Adidas running shoes and now a new backpack line from Samsonite, the Konnect-i and it looks gorgeous.

We have to admit, we’re all fans of a nice backpack here at Ausdroid, and one with Google’s ATAP Jacquard embued powers is the ultimate. The new backpack comes in two sizes and offers Jacquard integration via the left shoulder strap, providing gesture control to your device for activities like music, navigation, camera and calls/ texts.

The Slim Konnect-i backpack is available for $299 while the slightly larger Konnnect-I is available now for $329, both with free 2-4 day shipping.

The heart of the Jacquard system is the Jacquard Tag that houses all of the computational power and Bluetooth for connection back to your phone. This combined with the Jacquard app allows users to customise what they want each gesture to control, allowing the wearer full customisation of their Jacquard experience.

Google is promising that this is just the beginning for Jacquard, and we’re ok with that. The embedding of more out of site technology to make a more helpful augmented experience is ok by us. What do you want to see Jacquard appear in next?