For those firmly in the Samsung world the Korean tech giant has some hands off news for you. Following an update to Samsung pay you can now authenticate high value purchases from your phone.

In these COVID-19 times touching things less is probably a good idea, and it seems Samsung agrees. The new feature will allow you to pay for transactions up to $100 ($200 at some merchants) without ever touching the EFTPOS terminal.

For Australian holders of an American Express, Master Card or Visa you’ll be able to use your Samsung’s biometric authentication to authorise the transaction. Just tap the terminal, authenticate and your payment will go through.

Following an app update the new feature will work for everyone except Master Card holders. With your Master Card credit or debit card you’ll need to remove it and re-add it for it to work.

There’s no indication how this would work with Samsung Pay on a watch and unfortunately we don’t have one to test it out. However if you use Samsung Pay enjoy touching things less.

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    What are you talking about? How is this a new thing? Isn’t it now Samsung Pay , Google Pay and apple pay do?


    This happened months ago, back in July … July 21 be be exact via CDCVM changes.


    how is this new? isn’t it always the same with tap and go?