Today Google has published a few pieces today outlining their approach to online security and how it helps you. Security is something that many of us take for granted but Google is working hard in the background keeping our accounts safe.

Google have changed their approach to the way the notify you of possible security breaches and now will send you a notification of critical issues that may mean a suspected hack of your account. The notification caused a 20-fold increase in the number of people who interacted and engaged with these notifications within an hour of receiving them — compared to just sending an email as they used to.

Google have also signalled a new way of of delivering these alerts with a new automatic alert displayed within the Google app that you are using and then give you help to address it. No longer will you need to check notifications or emails. Google say that these new alerts are “resistant to spoofing” so the user can always be sure the alert is from Google themselves. This new feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks but only in a limited capacity with a larger roll out expected “early next year”.

Google are also looking to introduce a new guest mode to Google Assistant where Assistant interactions while this mode is activated will not be saved to your account. Guest mode will be able to be activated using a simple voice command and of course can be turned off with another voice command. Along with this new Guest mode Google is giving you the ability to use your voice to delete what you said to your Assistant. Assistant will now also have more answers to common security and privacy questions that you may ask your Assistant.

Soon you will also be able to directly edit your location history data in Timeline with just a few taps and starting today you will be able to ask your Assistant “Is my Google Account secure”. Google will then surface your personal security and privacy settings.

Google also say that due to their new “Federated Learning” more and more of the features of your devices will use on-device system intelligence resulting in that data never being shared with that app or Google themselves.

Of course in the end all of this protection is useless unless you interact and keep a close eye on it yourself, starting with secure passwords, 2FA where possible and staying vigilant of any notifications from Google.