The UI on the Nest Hub Max is basic to say the least with it of course focusing mostly on voice control. We have seen videos and reports of some users seeing a new updated UI on their Nest Hub Max smart displays but now we are seeing them in a lot more detail.

The new UI, once updated, gives the users a tour of all the new features of the new UI and there is some cool stuff that we haven’t seen before. In the video below you can see the different cards, the tabs and even a new dark mode for those who prefer that.

One new feature that is extremely useful is sticky notes which we have seen Google mention in the past but have yet to see it in the wild. Using voice commands you can leave a sticky note for yourself or even one for another user when they are recognised by the smart display.

There is no indication whether these can be viewed on other devices such as smartphones but it would seem the next logical step — after Google removed its Keep shopping list easy integration. There is also a card to give the user the option to switch over to a dark mode which could be useful in smart displays that do not have the Nest Hub Max’s Ambient EQ — there is no indication that it will arrive on any other smart display at this stage.

At this stage it is unclear just when this new interface and dark mode will roll out to all users with the software version v32.24.0 required but unable to be forced into operation/updating. It seems like yet another server-side switch from Google — keep an eye out for an update coming to your Nest Hub Max, hopefully soon.

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Is the call another room a new feature or have I been out of the loop too long?