There are some watches that promise some fitness capabilities but very few who do it to a level that will keep the serious athlete happy. Polar though have been in the fitness business for a long time and their fitness watches have evolved over time to the current smart versions but also provide on of the best fitness experiences around.

Now they have a new fitness watch available for the serious athlete/fitness freak. The new Polar Vantage V2 is their new flagship lightweight premium multi-sport watch. The new watch picks up signals from the body and then provides interpretation of the signals to give insight into how to plan better, train smarter and recover without any guesswork.

The watch provides 24/7 personal metrics including their wrist-based heart rate tracking and will privide you with not just exercise vitals and insights but also sleep insights — after all that is when you do most of your recovery from exercise.

The new Vantage V2 weighs in at just 52 grams but is not just plastic with Polar promising premium materials to provide a comfortable watch while at the same time “ultimate performance all day long”. The battery is something amazing, offering 40 hours of continuous training time with full monitoring which can be extended out to 100 hours using various power saving options.

The features it offers include:

  • Personalised heart rate and power zones with new Running and Cycling Performance tests to monitor progress
  • Leg recovery test which complements other features such as Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro to help you understand how your body responds to the training and when it is ready to go again
  • Free access to the Polar Flow ecosystem which provides tools for planning, following up your training, activity and sleep
  • All the usual smart watch features including music controls, weather and phone notifications

The Polar Vantage V2 is available now for preorder at for AU$699 in black, green and grey-lime in a standard version or set with the H10 Heart Rate Sensor for AU$799. Accessory bands are available for purchase at $29 for the small bands in grey, grey-lime and green and $49.99 for the large bands in black, grey-lime, green, red, rose-plum and white. The devices are set to ship this coming week on October 15.

For more information check out the Polar website and if you are a serious athlete, or like me, and need to shed some of those excess kilos gained while in iso this year then this is one serious contender for your dollar.

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looking closely i can see how big the bezels are. they trick by adding seconds marks