Google have updated their YouTube Music service continually this year with Google Play Music being shuttered in the coming months and we have seen changes to their TV experience along with the smartphone app. Today they have signalled more changes to their Android TV and YouTube Music experience.

Earlier this year Google integrated YouTube Music into the YouTube app on TVs and today they have announced new changes to this experience within the YouTube app. The new features coming include the ability browse your music from the Android TV home screen with a new dedicated YouTube Music (YTM) row, a new playback interface and background playback.

All TVs

  • Your music library easily accessible: access your saved playlists and liked songs in the YTM tab within the YouTube app on your TV
  • New visuals: Visuals to “showcase album and playlist artwork” to make it easier to find music you love

Android TV OS (and Google TV)

  • Uploads can now be accessed on your Android TV
  • A new playback interface which includes song artist and name and a progress bar
  • A new YouTube Music row on the home screen of your Android TV

Google are not done with just that with a promise to bring background playback in the coming months for YouTube Music Premium subscribers. Of course very soon Google Play Music on TVs will be shuttered so these changes to the YouTube Music TV experience cannot come soon enough. Hopefully they can bring over as many features as possible before closing off yet another chapter in the Google history.

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About to dump my YouTube Subscription for Spotify. Just haven’t been able to get into YouTube Music.