A few months back we saw a new Nest Thermostat pass through regulatory approval in the USA, and today that device has been unveiled. The new Nest Thermostat is Google’s latest affordable thermostat intended to make switching to smart energy control more affordable at US$129.

Like Google’s other thermostats the new device is intended to monitor the temperature of your house and regulate the temperature when you are home and away. This smart control can significantly reduce electricity usage, and thus costs. Unfortunately, this style of thermostats is not suitable for controlling the split systems and multi-zone ducted systems that are popular in Australia.

With Google currently offering no Nest Thermostats on the Google Store, it’s unclear if Google would bring the new Nest Thermostat to our shores. If they did it would sell for around AU$195.

The Nest Thermostat integrates with both the Home app for control as well as with the Google Assistant for voice control — and Soli gestures are also making a reppearance. Google is continuing with a similar design consistent with recent products with four pastel colours including Black, White, Pink and Green, in keeping with their recent renewable strategies the device is made of 49% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Check out the launch video below.

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We’re writing articles and this isn’t even here in Australia.

I was kinda excited to see this appear on an Australian site, thinking it’s coming.

Why bother?