Google Search is already the market leader when it comes to finding out what you want to know, we’d argue they got there by being the best. Well, the best is about to get a whole lot better if Google delivers on the advancement outlined at Search On 2020.

Enhanced Spelling
Have you ever tried to spell a word and just can’t get it right? You head on over to Google, type in your random string of characters and hope Google figures out what you want. Apparently, you’re not alone with one in 10 search queries misspelled and Google is about to release a significant upgrade to their ability to predict and correct spelling.

Google is claiming that its new spelling algorithm is such an improvement that this single change will be better than the past five years worth of improvements they have made in word prediction. The new algorithm takes into account common misspellings, word and phrase context and other indicators to build a new ML model that can run lightning-fast.

Right page, right place
The web is huge, and the range of content is phenomenal, so being able to zero in on a relevant page is already magic, we know Google will further refine results jumping you right to where the most relevant content for your search can be found.

The new passages feature will surface the exact passage from a search result, giving you more useful and contextually relevant answers. This is exactly what we want from search.

Sub Topics
As good as Search is, we have all had the experience of having to hunt for the answer we’re looking for, buried on a page. With Sub Topics Google aims to refine a general topic into specific areas of interest.

Not all searchers are looking for the same information, and by further refining and defining search results Google hopes to provide more helpful results to everyone.

Video moments
Google has also brought its AI-powered goodness to video content. Google can now identify ‘key moments’ in video and directly link to that part of a video. This is the holy grail of video indexing.

Regardless of the indexing a creator has done, Google can now index the content of a video and link to an exact spot in that video related to your search.

These enhancements along with others signify a major leap forward in search capabilities and make clear exactly the benefit we get from Google Search. However, during these times of antitrust investigations, Google certainly is brave unleashing them.

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Thats great , im not terrible speller , but on occasion i have tried to put a word i was not familiar with in to what i thought it would be spelled like ,
and its spelling was absolutely weird and nothing like how the word was actually pronounced.
Google Ai worked it out though after a couple of tries , and if it gets even better well done Google !