Are you with Telstra? Do you have unused and unwanted relatively recent devices lying around? Can’t be bothered to sell them yourself? Well, Telstra’s recent program might be for you.

Telstra has announced a partnership with Kingfisher Mobile Australia a mobile reselling and recycling provider to run a trade-in program. Using the trade-in portal online you can apply to trade in your device and get credit on your Telstra account.

Before you go find your LG G5, or even your Pixel 2 XL, the range of devices is somewhat limited. At present only some phones from Google, Samsung and Apple are supported, as well as tablets from Samsung and Apple.

These are clearly the devices with a vibrant second hand market, it seems the portal has the last two generations of most of the companies’ flagship devices available for trade in. To get a quote for a trade-in launch the portal answer a few questions and see what they’re offering.

As long as the device is in the state you quote you will have the trade-in value credited to your Telstra bill. Obviously, the value will be less than you may be able to sell it for online but it’s also much less hassle, for instance, a Pixel 3 XL in perfect condition will net you $325.

Recycling or reusing devices is important for the environment, so even if you can’t get cash for your old unused devices, please pass them on or send them for recycling. There are many recycling options around.

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Your “portal” link is not working 😫 ☹ 😭