If you’re a fan of single sign-on options, then the ability to login to services like Spotify at a touch is welcome. But until now with Spotify that’s been with Facebook only and — I’m probably not alone here — although I use the platform, I like to minimise what they actually know about me. So for many users, the option was to use a manual login with email and password. Not a big deal generally, but it can delay logins and cause distress if you’re not able to remember your password. Finally, Spotify has enabled the ability to login with Google accounts, but there’s a couple of catches.

The catches are:

  • If your Google account is the email you’ve previously logged into, it won’t work.
  • You can’t link your Google account to an existing Spotify account, so you’ll lose your history and playlists.
  • At this point in time, you can’t use Google Pay through the app to pay for your Spotify account.

Users who login via the web interface will notice that there are now three SSO options: Facebook, Apple and Google. As SSO option — providing you utilise the 2-factor authentication offered — they each provide a little more security to your Spotify account, Google Pay would be a welcome addition too.

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If you don’t care about your existing account and just want Google SSO, add a dot in your email address of the existing account.
You’ll still get access/emails from Spotify in relation to the old account if you still want, and it’ll free up your correct email address to allow SSO to work.

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