One of the wants many Android users have for messaging is an iMessage like integration across devices. While it has been possible with Samsung for a while, you had to use their apps and frankly… Samsung messages is pretty ugly. But there is potentially some great news for Google Messages users if the APK insight by 9to5google is anything to go by.

In their analysis of the latest Messages APK, the 9to5 team found a couple of code segments that captured their interest. This was, it seems, based on some well-educated guesses of the cmc reference being connected Samsung’s “call and message continuity”.

<string name=”cmc_consent_key”>cmc_consent_key</string>
<string name=”cmc_consent_settings_title”>Text on Galaxy devices</string>

On the surface, this is only a small step forward from the Samsung version of the feature. Looking at the bigger picture, it could lead to better call and message handling across various devices and brands. Who knows, we may well be able to make and take calls from laptops or PC’s and transfer them on the go in the future.

As Messages develops it’s becoming more and more compelling, what feature addition would make it indispensable for you?

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really really hope this happens. On the verge of switching to a pixel until I read this. I know Samsung already offers a version on continuity but you have to use the stock dialler and messages app. I don’t so much mind the stock samsung messages app but nothing comes close to the google dialler app imo.


This is what I have been waiting for.

My galaxy tablet and Note 10 don’t seem to be able to use the standard Samsung App to achieve this so I have been using a third party. But with RCS on board with Google when they implement this I’ll change over.