Readers who are considering switching to Optus 5G for their home/small business should be aware that prices have risen, as forewarned by Optus in early September.

The two new Optus 5G Home Broadband unlimited data internet plans both offer first month free and then either:

  • $75/month with download speed capped at max 100Mbps
  • $90/month for uncapped speed including Optus Sport and a Fetch Mighty box with a Premium Channel pack included.

Optus advises that (at least for the near future) early 5G customers will get to keep their much better deal of $70/month for unlimited speed:

“We are not planning any changes to customers on the existing $70 plan.  Customers on the $70 plan are welcome to upgrade to the Everyday or Entertainer plan at any stage.”

Unlike the NBN where upload speeds are capped, Optus advises that for their 5G customers:

“Upload speeds are not capped on any plans. Only the download speeds are capped at 100Mbps for $75”

I’ve got an Optus 5G modem on loan for a few weeks (read the full review), and am experiencing quite steady upload speeds of 70-80Mpbs as well as download speeds of 150-300+ Mbps.

If you’re on a $70 plan and getting good performance in your area it’s great value for money.


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At $75 cheaper than slower NBN plans. As long as Netflix streams are okay and browsing facebook works, many will be happy to save the money especially those on FTTN.


Know the feeling😖,
Was sold 4 G wireless modem for $70.00 a month with false pretence of the 5g coming in 3 months this was in March 2020. It September and no 5G still in the area. I am running out of data as the 4 g only gives you 500g, we work from home and need at least 1200G a month, now they want to give me the nbn on unlimited 45/20, the 4g gives me close to 80Mbp speed.
Now they want to put the price up😖😖😖


there is so much stupid decisions by optus

already nokia released a new 5G modem with wifi 6 and they released the nokia beacon 6 mesh wifi with wifi 6

they should release 5G modem with wifi 6 not old AC wifi

or there is no benefit from the speed

I cant believe how optus is so bad when making business decisions


Cheaper than NBN plans and most people won’t care as long as they can stream Netflix / browse Facebook.


NBN needs to unlock now and moving forward with an expectation of driving maximum access to it’s service. The “demand isn’t there” because it is so excruciatingly under-delivered that no party is adopting the expectation of access and incorporating modern digitalisation. When 4k/8k60 media is easily and reliabily accessible, it will be the norm to use it and the data will flow. The practice of constant patch solutions to just get it over the line at every hurdle has not once proven a great idea.

Qiu Shi

Piece of shit optus 5g, 1st night 275mbps 20ms ping and 2nd night they put you in the general pop pool 7to11pm I got 60mbps and 350ms ping.
Told me nothing they could do as its a congestion problem.
Went with Aussie broadband fttp and got 942mbps and 1.89ms ping


yes , i have solid fttn 97/35 24/7 why would go to crap 5G

i had the optus 4G 500 gig plan before the nbn arrive to my area and it was so shit and crap

in the day 70 to 80 mbps , at night it goes down to 10mbps or slower

mobile broadband is shit for home broadband and it will be congested at night

i would never get mobile broadband for home even it was 6G


Had this exact problem/experience. After much discussion with them I got a new 5g gateway. Two days later exact same situation. 80mtr from the tower and at the same height as the cells. Neighbour had the same experience too.


Your experience is exactly why the talk of 5G networks posing a serious threat to wired broadband connections is largely rubbish.

Although as Neerav points out, in having FTTP as your alternative option you are in the lucky minority. I’m stuck with FTTN that maxes out at 34 Mbps down due to copper cable length.


Not rubbish. A very real competitor.