Ausdroid discussions with Optus have revealed that Nokia mesh Wi-fi beacons purchased anywhere will work with the Nokia Fastmile 5G modem from Optus, but you’ll have to buy the beacons elsewhere.

This is a puzzling decision because the Optus Nokia 5G modem has built-in mesh support via a product called “Nokia Wi-Fi Beacons” to enable it to seamlessly extend Wi-Fi through bigger homes and small businesses and you would expect Optus would want to maximise sales. All is not lost though as there is nothing to prevent customers from buying their beacons elsewhere — Optus actually recommend it.

An Optus spokesperson confirmed to us that

“The Nokia modem does have a built-in mesh client, you can add additional Nokia beacons (purchased separately) for improved Wi-Fi coverage”.

When asked how much the additional Nokia beacons (purchased separately) would cost an Optus customer for improved Wi-Fi coverage and can they bought directly from Optus they replied:

The Nokia beacons are not available via Optus. However, any Nokia beacon purchased by a customer will work with the Nokia Fastmile 5G Gateway supplied by Optus. You can buy a Nokia beacon from suppliers like Amazon.

Optus did hint that they would be launching a Wi-Fi 6 compatible mesh solution in the future that would work with their Nokia 5G modem but offered no timing for this launch.

In the meanwhile if you want to extend the Wi-Fi coverage of your Optus Nokia 5G modem you either have to buy the Nokia Wi-Fi beacons from Amazon or use a third party Wi-Fi mesh system from Netgear, Eero, D-link, Google etc.

We’d recommend the third party Wi-Fi mesh system options because they give you more flexibility and choice eg: Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit LAN, able to add more than 2 Wi-Fi mesh units etc.

Judging by the Amazon reviews, it looks like several Australian customers of Optus 5G have bought Nokia Wi-Fi mesh beacons:

Buyer Gavin Mills gave the product five stars and said

They do exactly what they say and work perfectly. No useless dribble and endless network crap to overcome. Added 3 of these in a few min to our Optus Nokia 5G modem. Have a flawless 300mbs throughout the house.

As the internet in Australia is so slow there is little point to the beacon 3 or 6 unless you need gigabit wired and if you needed that you would not be looking at this.

Very simple and like all Nokia works like a scandi-device should. Puts fake China mesh routers to shame and makes Netgear look like a spaghetti mess.

Buyer MarkRen warned people that although Nokia sell the Beacons in a 3 pack:

Unfortunately, for some reason, when linking these with the 5G gateway only 2 beacons can be activated (in addition to the gateway itself). So one beacon is completely unusable. Seems like an odd restriction, almost a handicap for buying the same Nokia kit!

I bought it so I would have four wifi points in my house but I have ended up with three, so I’m disappointed. In other respects the beacons do the job well.

In the end although it is disappointing that customers cannot pickup these beacons when they buy their Nokia 5G modem from Optus it is encouraging that Nokia beacons purchased from anywhere will work with it.

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William Ibrahim

Hi, I have Optus NBN broadband to the curb with supposed 100mbps data and I pay extra to ensure I get 70 Mbps during peak periods 7 – 11 pm. I have measured the speed numerous times on different days of the week in both peak and non peak periods and the best speed I can get is 26 Mbps download and 6.3 Mbps upload. In affect I pay more than what has been advertised for the Optus 5g deal in this article. How can I trust using this new technology/deal will increase/guarantee speeds closer to what is advertised. How… Read more »

Leone Robertshaw

Why should we have to pay for Security Patches.Ive paid for my phone and should receive updates specifically for security