When this one came into our inbox, it was easy to overlook as just another Android Auto clone or accessory. Far from it though, the CarDroid is taking Android Auto to the next level adding a pile of features.

These additional features essentially take Android Auto, remove all of the restrictions on it, becoming Android.

How does it work?

Rather than plugging your phone into your car stereo, the CarDroid is a small “pocket pc” you plug into your stereo which has everything you need in it except Internet connectivity. That, of course, is easily solved with all modern phones having a Wi-Fi hotspot you can connect to. This enables the full feature set for not just entertainment, but productivity too.

It’s worth noting: A number of these features will result in significant fines throughout Australia if used while your vehicle is in motion. Please ensure any features that could be considered a distraction to drivers are only used while parked.

When taking a closer look at the offering, I found it fascinating as it’s not really Android Auto, it requires a head unit that supports Android Auto — most of which support Car Play — so it feels like an attempt to create a new market.

There’s a number of reasons to take a closer look, whether you’re an Android user who:

  • Doesn’t necessarily like Android Auto
  • Are looking for a more full multimedia playback option
  • Are looking for a touch of productivity capacity
  • Or just don’t want to upgrade their existing system to get more

Their Indiegogo has been fully funded and — usual cautions apply to crowdfunded projects — devices are expected to start shipping in December 2020.

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How do I get hold of one of these ? Can I place an order now? Any info is appreciated.


Wouldn’t it be better to just buy one of the android based head units instead? They run all relevant apps like maps, wave, Spotify etc, plus many can mirror your phone.

John Eller

Why do we have to have all this ‘droid’ bullshit. Why not just come up with a casting app that will cast whatever is on your screen onto the screen in your car???? To easy??? I’ll bet the pointy heads will think so. Unbelievable stupidity from these clowns.


From what I am understanding, there are already mirroring / cast dongles which require 3rd party apps. This basically frees up your phone and removes the limitations that Android Auto sometimes presents. It has its own operating system and memory as well. It is a niche item, but people do want unrestricted access to Android in their car infotainment systems.