Deck the halls with smart tech lighting, fala lalalalalalala. Ok I won’t start with Christmas carols just yet.

With Christmas almost upon us for 2020 and given this year the year we have all been through (especially all our readers in Victoria) it’s time to get ready for the festive season and bid 2020 farewell. With that in mind, if you’re in the market for some new tech Christmas lights and decorations to help brighten your 2020 Christmas, then you’re in luck as we have compiled a list of smart lighting and decorations that will simply connect to your smart assistant like the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa Assistants respectfully.

So, what is on offer at the retailers?

Big W

The main smart lights that Big W are selling are from the Mirabella Genio range and mainly are the Fairy and tree lights that we came to see from Kmart last year. However, not to be outdone, the discount department store is selling a 1.8MP smart LED Christmas tree for $89 which might seem a little pricey given some trees do retail below this but given there is no need for decoration given the lights very much provide a more modern effect.

The full range includes:


Like Big W, the main smart lights Kmart are from the Mirabella Genio range and are just as affordable as other retailers on this list. Given Kmart was one of the main retailers last year to bring smart connected Christmas lighting to the masses, it will be interesting to try out their 2020 offerings.

The full range includes:

While not really Christmas lighting, these can be useful if you’re having a party and wanting to have some party mood lighting or just some lighting in general:

Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings has been pushing into the smart connected home as part of a new strategy under its parent company to assist customers make their home more smarter and this shows with the big box DIY hardware chain stepping up its smart lighting for Christmas.

The full range of smart lighting includes:

While these lights don’t connect to your smart assistant, they can be connected to your mobile device via an app and Bluetooth:

These can be useful if your having a party and wanting to have some party mood lighting or just some lighting in general and can connect to your preferred online assistant (Google Assistant or Aamazon Alexa) or via an app:

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We tried the Mirabella Genio range but won’t be buying anymore. Constantly dropping out despite being only a few meters from the WAP with only a bit of plaster in between. Turning on your light and having it start strobing every time gets old quick.


Do you normally need a mop and bucket for that WAP? Most WAPs should be able to saturate plaster no problem.

Michael W

I’ve got over 17 Genio devices connected up at the moment, and have never seen them drop out. When they are switched off (usually by the kids), they turn back on and within 30sec are back on the wifi with no strobing.

Chris Rowland

Likewise, we have an absolute tonne of Genio (and other Tuya-based) smart gear in our house. Yes, we had to move it to its own WiFi network so it wouldn’t drag down our mobiles, tablets, etc but it’s been rock solid. Never had a failure.