Google have been slowly but continually adding new features to YouTube Music in a bid to convince users that this is the way of the future for Google’s music service. Today they are launching an activity bar to bring your common activities to the YouTube Music homepage.

On the YouTube Music home tab there will now be up to seven new My Mix playlists — created just for you. Each mix will include a variety of artists from around the world blending your favourite songs with new artists, all based on the mood you choose at that time.

Combining them all together is My Supermix (formerly known as Your Mix) which combines all of your music tastes into a single mix.

The new activity bar gives you easy access to four main activity mixes including Workout, Focus, Relax and Commute. Each mix is based not only on the activity but also your personalised favourites and styles of music. There are actually four new personalised workout mixes for you to choose from in the new tab.

At this stage we are only seeing the various new My Mix’s and the My Supermix playlist so it looks like the activity bar will be a rollout over the coming days.

It is great to see these new changes coming to YouTube Music but there is still so much more it needs. I’m sticking with YouTube Music for now — mostly because of the ad free YouTube — what about you?

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I just don’t see how Google will impose it ❓Currently has an average score of 2.8 … 😲. I haven’t seen such a low-rated app in a long time 🧐, and Google pretends to be distracted … 🤔. The most interesting thing is that yesterday I received an update of Google Play Music 🤯.

Dan Gray

Just switched from Spotify, but my daughter does not see the app. She is aged 8.wjy would this app be 12+?


No, there is no age limit … 🤔.


This unusable kludge of chrome and bells and whistles added to what already is an unusable abomination, simply adds to the unusability of what has been inflicted on Google Play Music users.
No way to remove individual tracks in these ‘playlists’. Preylists is more accurate, as they prey on users.
No way to remove any of these preylists as ‘Not Interested’
And YTM is still chowing down on your YouTube likes, and YT playlist connedtent for auto-generating even moar YTM Preylists.