Another week and another Bank gets added to the list of supported financial institutions for Google Pay in Australia, this time it’s the digital-first bank, Greater Bank. Based in NSW Greater Bank is a member-owned bank providing online banking products.

The new entrant was temporary on the official list of supported banks but seems to have dropped off, however, we have confirmed with Greater that they do support Google Pay on their Visa Debit and Credit cards.

If you’re with Greater then you should be able to add you card and start enjoying the freedom of tap and go mobile payments. At this stage, if your bank isn’t supporting Google Pay and you want it, it’s time to acknowledge you’re in a bad banking relationship and swap banks.

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Google is unfit to provide the range of “banking” services as proposed to be introduced over the next few months. Google does not have the required consistency, nor service levels and service continuity to be considered for the recently announced Google Pay product. As a Global Banking consultant, I would advise strongly that no-one should consider this New Google Pay app as a secure place to put their hard earned money for a diverse variety of financial transactions – certainly not with the current management. Transferwise & Revolut are the organisations to consider for this purpose. If Google withdraws the… Read more »


digital-first bank, Greater Bank

Not quite. They have had branches around Newcastle for 50+ years.


oh. i thought you meant greater bank integration, not integration with Greater Bank