The original Lenovo Smart Clock is something of a favourite device of ours at Ausdroid, it brings just enough Google Assistant with Photos integration, but no pesky video that makes it perfect for Kids. But what if you want a traditional clock radio-style bedside device with a little smarts?

Enter Lenovo’s follow up device, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. The Essential keeps the Google Assistant features but drops the display entirely, so no photos, smart home controls or distractions.

The device has finally launched in time for Christmas with an RRP of AU$99, but right now JB Hi-Fi is offering it over 50% off for only $48. That’s stocking stuffer territory for some people, and perhaps a perfect secrete Santa gift for others with a $50 cap.

The Smart Clock Essential includes a LED display, USB Charging port for sharing your bedside gadgets, and of course a Google Mini-esk Smart speaker. While you’re not going to host a house party with these they are adequate for typical kids listening.

We haven’t reviewed the device yet but at that price, we may just throw one under our own tree and test it out, of course for only $20 more you could also get the full display model from JB Hi-Fi as well, it now comes in black and grey.

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Michael Hughes

Or for $49 you could get the Amazon Echo Show 5, but I would rather get the Echo Show 8 for $90(as in the US). Even though the Google user interface is more pretty and functional, I can have my security cameras automatically stream when a WiFi Sensor triggers.

Jamie S

Just curious, can you please provide a link on how to Automatically show the cameras on the echo show as I haven’t been able to get it to work?


One issue to be aware of is that to date, unless something has changed in the last week or so, the OG Lenovo Smart Clock will not let you associate a kids google account with the device. This means that the kids will not get personalised ( read censored ) answers and if they play music on it via a you tube music subscription, it acts as a device playing audio from your default adult google account and thus prevents you from playing music somewhere else at the same time – ie like the car which i have recently found… Read more »

Pablo Picasso

Good to know, thanks. I will keep an eye out. Have a pre teen with a gen 1 lenovo clock that was an upgrade(hand me down) when we replaced with 2nd gen clock and I thought would be ok.

Jamie S

I actually think JB is false advertising as other retailers list the RRP as $79

Bilgin Ozkan

I ended up getting it at $48 from officeworks.

It’s a nice little unit. I replaced my 18 year old Sony Dream machine with it. Worth every dollar at that price!

Jamie S

How is the brightness in a dark room at night on the LCD display?

Bilgin Ozkan

No complaints at all. I love the auto-adjusting brightness level and find it just right in our pitch black room. Honestly, go for it!

Pablo Picasso

Too bright even at lowest setting for night use. Hopefully Lenovo will update a fix. Colour choice non existent for lcd display. Works well though, and no other issues to date.