Google have been adding to Google Photos (at the same time as they are removing much-used features such as free uploads) for a while now with one of the new features being a Memories view. Now they’ve expanded on this to bring a live wallpaper based on the Memories view.

The new wallpaper is nothing new with many wallpapers already able to scroll through various images but this is the first to pull directly from Google Photos and be made by Google.

In version 5.22 of Google Photos, which is rolling out as we speak from the Play Store, includes a new live wallpaper that will cycle through your memories — but you do not access it from Google Photos. Using your wallpaper picker you choose the live wallpaper titled Memories which will then allow you to preview and cycle through different memory images from Google Photos.

Unfortunately the images and memories chose by the new wallpaper are entirely random without any semblance of customisation — you get what you get and you don’t get upset? At his stage the fact that it is random makes it fairly unusable for me but YMMV.

If you want to test it out and are yet to receive the update from the Play Store you can grab the APK file from APK Mirror and sideload it — which is what we did on our devices. Otherwise kick back and wait for Google to roll it out to your device and hopefully bring some changes to the feature.

Google Photos
Google Photos
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Jason Voo

Good post!