If you’re heavily into gaming there’s a good chance you understand the concepts of lag and how it’s better to use local servers than those overseas, but not everyone does.

Equally, there’s plenty of ways you can optimise your home internet connection for gaming, but the techniques can be a little complicated and confusing, especially for those who aren’t networking geeks.

Telstra has recognised this in their introduction of Game Optimiser:

Telstra’s new Game Optimiser product gives gamers new tools to help them improve their performance, allowing to prioritise gaming traffic and helping reduce ping times in the home. Powered by Netduma’s award-winning DumaOS on the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, customers can tailor and optimise their online gaming experience to help reduce lag spikes and join multiplayer servers that are closer to their house.


The feature requires users to have a Telstra Smart Modem through DumaOS and will support the vast majority of mainstream games on PC or console. The downside is that it will cost you a further $10 per month onto your existing connection costs. It does, however, have a number of significant benefits if you’re a heavy gamer. Or perhaps you suffer some pesky first world problems like bandwidth limitations, network congestion or lag.

Most of these are addressed at least in part by Game Optimiser with network monitoring, ad-blocking (which reduces traffic) and geo-filtering also increasing the functionality of the feature. As alluded to earlier, those who are familiar with routing setups won’t bother because this essentially amounts to Quality of Service (QoS) routing.

Clearly, it’s not for everyone but if you need it and don’t have the knowledge to implement QoS on your router, a very nice addition to your gaming.