So 2020 is over and, well the weird world doesn’t seem to have normalised yet. One of the changes we experienced in 2020 was, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing concept. As part of this, people became far more aware of what they’re touching, now Arlo has tried to address this area of daily life with a touchless doorbell.

The concept is simple, expanding slightly on the motion alerts you’ll get from other models of Arlo’s video doorbells (and other manufacturers like Ring), with the detection of a person near your door outright triggering the doorbell to ring. This also lights up the outdoor device to ensure that the approaching visitor knows that you’re aware of their presence.

If you choose to add Arlo Smart (their subscription-based service) you’ll also a number of extra features such as vehicle and package detection and more customisable notifications. Not all of the details — including the pricing — have been released as yet, but we are expecting this to launch in Australia later this year.

The other device Arlo release at CES this year is the Essential Indoor Camera which has some excellent features to protect your privacy. The privacy shield is simple to control through automated triggers and scheduling. This allows users to choose when the camera records inside your home and won’t record anything until the shield is opened by the user. More specific detail will be released about both devices in the coming months.

Given some of the concerns users have about cameras in their homes, does the concept of the privacy shield give you the peace of mind to consider indoor security camera recording?