When you buy your first house and need to touch up the paint in some places you’ll realise like I did recently that there is no such thing as “White”.

There are so many brands of paint with many shades and tones of White so how are you supposed to match the existing paint on your interior walls after re-plastering one side of a room?

The same applies if you want to paint an area a particular shade to match your favourite clothing, food, vase, artwork etc.

Let’s face it the way we choose paint colour hasn’t changed in a really, really long time. And until now that process has been tedious and fearful because you won’t want to buy a whole expensive tub of paint colour that you might not like after using a tiny bit.

Enter Taubmans Coloursmith which let’s you forget trend forecasts and colours-of-the-year… and simply surround yourself with colour that you love.

Because with Coloursmith, you can do away with endless swatches and obscure colour names and instead use your own life as inspiration to create your own personalised colour.

And at the end of the Coloursmith journey, you’ll have created colour that you connect with and that you can trust because every Coloursmith colour is prepared and delivered by Taubmans, one of the oldest and most reliable paint brands in the market.

Coloursmith by Taubmans
Coloursmith by Taubmans
Developer: PPG Digital
Price: To be announced

You can just take a photo with your phone or laptop webcam and upload it to the Coloursmith site but when used in combination with the Coloursmith App, the Coloursmith Reader and Coloursmith Window greatly increase the colour accuracy captured from any object, image or surface.

For colour professionals who plan on creating many pots of custom paint colours with pin-point precision, the $195 Coloursmith Reader accurately captures colour using its own LED light source, and a tri-stimulus XYZ sensor to ensure the closest colour match.

For the rest of us home owners the small $5 Coloursmith Window calibration card when used in conjunction with the Coloursmith App greatly increases the colour accuracy when using your smartphone camera to capture colour.

Once you’re happy with a colour you’ve captured with Coloursmith you can order a sample pot of 100ml, enough to cover 1.6 square metres to give you a great feel for your colour and see how it looks in your space.

If you’re happy with your colour, simply take your unique QR code to your local Bunnings, Bristol or Taubmans store to grab a full tin of your personalised paint.

Every Coloursmith colour is made right here in Australia by Taubmans paint. As one of the oldest paint brands in the market, Taubmans has been painting Australian homes for over 110 years so you can rest easy that your colour is created with the highest quality and endurance in mind… while supporting local employment at the same time.

I will be trying out Coloursmith once I receive a Window card in the mail, I’ll let readers know in the comments to this story what my experience is like extracting a specific colour and using the sample pot paint on an area that needs to match it.

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You should have gone to Bunnings. They have the Coloursmith Window card in stock. About to repaint my house so thank you for this informative article.