In recent days Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, has changed the privacy policy and terms of service for WhatsApp to remove the ability to stop sharing user data from WhatsApp with Facebook.

As a result there has been a steady migration of understandably upset users, away from WhatsApp and to services like Signal and Telegram. While Signal is considered one of the most secure messaging services it’s not what we would call ‘full featured’, and for the ‘normal’ user you’ll be less likely to move or keep your family and friends on that platform.

Here at Ausdroid we have actually used Telegram as our main internal messaging platforms since Google Hangouts became unreliable many years ago. We can attest that the platform is stable, fully featured, regularly updated, and totally unconnected with Facebook.

So if you want to migrate to Telegram, just how hard is it?

Honestly it’s as easy as clicking one of the links below and typing in your phone number to get a confirmation number. Once you have registered your initial account you can then set up telegram on as many devices as you like. Telegram offers clients for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and of course the web.

Unlike some messaging platforms Telegram is a true multi device service with all clients able to send and receive messages, this means you don;t need to rely on a single device being online for your multi device service to work. This does mean that by default not all messages are encrypted, but Telegram offers a secrete mode for those who want or need secure communication.

One you have moved over to Telegram you can allow the app to scan your contacts and it will automatically let you know if one of your contacts is on telegram, or when someone joins. From there Telegram offers a raft of features including voice messages, video messages, Gifs, animated Emoji and everything in between, and regardless of what platform you;re on, everyone has the same colour bubbles!

If you’re looking for a ubiquitous multi platform multi device modern messaging solution that just works, then we can’t recommend telegram enough, for me it’s my only messaging platform outside of SMS.

Grab Telegram below and free yourself of Facebooks data harvesting.

Google Play Store

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

Apple App Store

‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free+

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    Grab Telegram below and free yourself of Facebooks data harvesting.”

    If only it were that simple Duncan. Facebook are literally harvesting data everywhere, in many widely used apps and websites, whether you use their services or not.


    To note, Telegram still has some flaws. My vote goes to Signal. Signal is always end-to-end encrypted. Telegram isn’t unless you use secret chats. Group messages are not encrypted. Telegram uses proprietary encryption (once enabled). This is considered bad practice by security professionals. Signal’s server code is open source as well as it’s app code meaning its entire code base can be peer reviewed and scrutinized for issues. Telegram’s server code is closed source and proprietary. Their app code is open. Signal is entirely non-profit and funded by donations. Signal stores as little metadata and user info as possible, less… Read more »

    Last edited 1 year ago by Adrian

    Do Ausdroid have a Telegram channel or groups?

    Noice Brewery

    I appreciate it would be an even more obscure shot but a Matrix instance would be better for security.