In the final days of the Trump administration, the entire world has been wondering what moves the Whitehouse will make, and for Huawei that wait is over. Reuters is reporting that the administration will be revoking existing licences to sell to Huawei and deny those currently pending.

Due to a complete lack of facts, and on the whole a mistrust of anything, the current administration says it has never been clear if the US’s attacks on Huawei were motivated by a political trade war, or if they have genuine concerns. However with the US targeting every element of Huawei’s business, they certainly appear to be trying to destroy the company.

If the threats posed by Huawei (and by the US to Huawei in kind) are true, then US suppliers like Intel may no longer be able to provide technology and support to Huawei, effectively killing all of their Western Consumer markets once Huawei’s current stockpile run out.

With President-Elect Joe Biden set to take control of the Whitehouse this week, we may see this and other Trump-era policies revoked, or soon to be President Biden may make no change, perhaps not wanting to upset the large anti-Chinese movement in the USA or even agreeing with the policy stance?

Whichever way this goes, it may hint at how strong the US case is against Huawei and other Chinese owned companies.

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You guys/gals all on leave atm?


If Biden wants to return things to status quo ante, then it’ll depend on the US Dems gaining and holding on to control of the US Senate. Otherwise the US Senate will be the same roadblock, that screwed over Obama.


That’s a shame, was hoping Huawei would be able to get Google services back, wanted to upgrade from my P30 Pro