Arlo is one of the leading names in DIY home security, offering camera kits, stand alone cameras and doorbells. Today the latest hardware to add to this list is the Arlo Ultra 2.

The basic specs include a 4K video system that delivers a 180 degree field of view for maximum coverage of your property. One of the newer features that Arlo introduced as part of this is automatic zoom and tracking, bringing whoever, or whatever is on your property into focus.

The great audio capacity carries from previous generations into the Ultra 2 with two way audio, really high qualty sound and the built in siren to ward off nefarious visitors. The integrated spotlight is enhanced with higher light output, increasing safety for your family coming home while also higlighting that people visiting your property at night are on camera!

Of course, the camera’s stay true to the Arlo design mantra of flexibility through both battery operation and enhanced range on the connection to base. The cameras are designed to withstand the Aussie weather and are compatible across all smart assistant options.

Now, onto the dollars: AUD $1049 for a two-camera kit, AUD $1449 for a three-camera kit and AUD $449 for an Ultra 2 add on camera. If you’re interested in the Arlo Ultra 2, they’ll be available later this month in mainstream retail channels.

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No mention of cloud storage.
No free storage???
Any improvement to the intentionally complicated port forwarding static IP address remote local access configuration, to avoid charges?
How about advance AI feature charges?