If what you were wanting on a Wednesday morning was the news that you’ll soon be able to subscribe to yet another video-on-demand streaming service then boy are you in luck. ViacomCBS has confirmed overnight that its latest VOD service Paramount+ VOD service will launch in Australia Mid 2021.

At this stage, details are light, with the new streaming service set to go live in the USA early March, as yet Australia pricing is yet to be confirmed. ViacomCBS bought Network 10 about 18 months ago, so Paramount+ is expected to replace the lacklustre 10 All Access service that has both Local Australian and some US-syndicated content.

ViacomCBS do own several premium brands, including the new Star Trek Discovery service, however, just like other VOD service launches in Australia, it may take years for all of their own content to be available on the service. Due to existing licensing deals, we’re likely to still be able to get the premium content for other local providers.just

While we’re excited to see Australia as a target market for the service which may signal easier access to some content we can’t stream locally, were not 100% excited by yet another monthly subscription fee. With every major content provider fighting to launch their own platform, begun these streaming wars have.