Optus has announced in conjunction with last month’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series, that it has launched a device repayment option for customers called OptusPay, that will enable customers to pay off their new device in equal monthly instalments.

OptusPay is an interest free device payment option that will allow customers to own their device and choose a repayment plan that will pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months. OptusPay will cover all phones, tablets and wearables within the Optus range.

Though there is a catch – being that customers must remain on an eligible Optus plan.

Commenting on the launch of OptusPay, Matt Williams, Managing Director of Marketing & Revenue has stated:

“As part of our commitment to surprise and delight our customers, we are committed to making life simpler and show that with a world class network and exceptional service, Optus is the ultimate destination for consumers buying or upgrading to a new device.”

“Customers have come to expect a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment option to be available when they purchase goods or services at retail stores and this is exactly what OptusPay delivers.”

OptusPay is as simple as a click of a button and Optus have said the OptusPay visual icon will be rolling out to the My Optus app along with various digital and retail touch points, to signify when customers are eligible to opt into OptusPay for their device repayments.

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Paul Warner

I don’t know how these plans work in Australia but here in Kiwiland the option to pay off interest free over XX number of months is only available to post pay customer plans not prepay. Is it the same on Optus??

Chris Rowland

Basically yes. Prepaid customers can’t participate.


Yes, it is exactly the same here.
OptusPay is just a new name for the same old device payment options they have offered for years. They even admit that in their FAQ. Not much of a new product.