If you’ve tried Stan before and not liked it, now might be the time to give it another go. Many former Stan users are receiving emails today inviting them to try the service again, with another one month free trial.

Stan reckons that a lot has changed since you might’ve tried the service last; with new movies, TV shows and exclusives, there’s a lot to check out and a month is plenty of time to decide whether your streaming dollars might be destined for Stan or elsewhere.

I have to admit, scrolling through the front page there’s not a lot of content jumping out for me, but my tastes are likely different to yours.

There’s new episodes of Your Honor, Walker, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Bridge and Tunnel.

There’s movies too, including Savage, Paw Patrol in Ready Race Rescue, The Longest War and Robin Williams in Man of the Year.

There’s lots of kids content too, so Stan might be something you’d like to try again if it wasn’t for you the first time round. Check your email, because the offer will be exclusive to you with a redemption code to use to try the service again.

With research showing that most households have no more than four streaming services, there’s a real likelihood you’ve already found the services you’ll want and use.

In our place, for example, we have Netflix and Amazon Prime, YouTube Red (or Premium) and Spotify for music, so we’re bang on the four services there. Having tried a few others there’s really no interest in them, but I suspect we may ditch YouTube Red soon and go with Disney+ instead (for the kids benefit mainly).

Which streaming services are you using, and is Stan one of your faves?


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YouTube Premium through a grandfathered GPM subscription, and Spotify which does not measure up to GPM.
Without at least a Fibre to the Gutter connection, and an unlimited downloads plan, Stan or similar TV/movie subscriptions, are not viable.


still prefer netflx, but would love to c hbo max and hulu in australia tho