Telstra has finally brought their prepaid offerings into line with postpaid. Back in June 2020, it was announced that the carrier would only offer 5G on their “medium” and up postpaid plans. This meant that customers had to commit to a minimum monthly spend of $65 to the network, with prepaid customers now needing an active $60 recharge to keep access to 5G.

The team at Whistleout received a comment on the change:

5G access is being limited to higher tiered plans to ensure customers have the data they need in order to experience faster speeds on Telstra’s 5G network.

What does this mean for users?

Basically, if you want to access faster speeds you need to pay more for a larger data allowance. Depending on the area you’re in, this may not even be worth the investment at this time. — unless you need a lot of mobile data — as our 4G networks are among the best in the world for data speed delivery.

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    Amazing that they let prepaid users on to 5G on all offers to begin with, now they’re just taking it away. Fair if it was never offered, but come on Telstra. Such amateur moves lately with these new plans/offers on the new billing/account system they’re moving to. I recharged an iPhone 12 Pro Max we have for 6 months which should in theory keep 5G active till the end of that recharge period and here’s hoping 5G will available on more offers and prepaid services then by Optus and Vodafone which might force Telstra to eventually open it up again.… Read more »